Risk Mitigation

Many Investors will describe themselves as Risk-Averse. In reality there is no such thing. Life is filled with risks.

There is no way to eliminate risk from our financial lives. Catalyst Investment Management can help Investors mitigate these risks.

We come across people who do not want to take on market RISK AND Avoid the stock and fixed income markets. They choose to keep money “safe” by holding it in a bank account with low yields. By doing this he/she risks losing purchasing power over time. At just a 2% inflation rate, one would lose 20% of his/her purchasing power over 10 years.

Conversely, a person who puts all money into the stock market faces the risk that he/she will need to withdraw money at a time the market is down or under-performing. This situation can be especially troubling when one is withdrawing funds for emergencies or retirement expenses.

Here is a list of risks that Catalyst Investment can help mitigate for Investors:

  • Lack of investment diversification
  • Market Timing
  • Macro-Economic Risk
  • Company Risk
  • Sector Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Concentration Risk
  • Inflation
  • Currency Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Longevity Risk

At Catalyst, we deploy pro-active strategies to mitigate the multiple risks that can affect your financial well-being and your financial peace of mind. Through our many years of experience we have witnessed multiple cycles and events that have impacted Investors. Let our market wisdom work for you.

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