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Market Update & Portfolio Commentary

KEY TERMS REFERENCED Spring 2024 Geo-political Risk: Geopolitical risk, also known as political risk, transpires when a country’s government unexpectedly changes its policies, which now negatively affects the foreign company. These policy changes can include such things as trade barriers, which serve to limit or prevent international trade. They can also include military conflict and… Read More »

4 Tips for Women Navigating Divorce

4 Tips for Women Navigating Divorce

By Kimberly Quinn, CFP® The complexity of divorce can be overwhelming for anyone. Whether you saw it coming from miles away or were taken by surprise, it can be emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. This is especially true for women, who often bear the brunt of caretaking responsibilities and may not have as much confidence… Read More »

Client Profile: How I Helped a Recent Divorcee Prepare for Her Future

client profile

By Kimberly Quinn, CFP® Regardless of how it happens, it can be shocking for any woman to experience the mental, emotional, and financial transition that comes from divorce. Moving forward is never easy, but it doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your future. That’s why I feel passionate about working with women who are either… Read More »

How to Talk to Your Family About Your Estate Plan

How to talk to your family about estate plan

By Kimberly Quinn, CFP® The 2019 film Knives Out is a whodunit about a wealthy man who suddenly dies when he is given a lethal dose of the wrong medication by his nurse. His children and grandchildren, an ensemble of very eccentric characters, begin to argue over who is the new owner of his home,… Read More »