Whom Do We Serve

By Nick Shea, MBA I recently learned that blind spots are a real thing. At a routine appointment with my optician, my doctor said some alarming words: “Now I’m going to test you for your blind spot.” Panicking, I said, “I’m not going blind!” She patiently explained to me that everyone has a blind spot… Read More »

Benefits Of Financial Planning And A Sample Financial Plan

By Kim Segal, CFP® Most (if not all) of us have dreams and goals. It might be owning a vacation home or helping your kids out with college. Maybe it’s investing in a hobby or having the time to spend with grandchildren. The dreams aren’t usually the problem; the impasse happens because people often don’t know… Read More »

What’s Your Long-Term Care Plan?

By Nick Shea, MBA It’s no secret that Americans are living longer and longer. A longer life expectancy brings more years with loved ones, however, it also increases the chances of needing long-term care. In fact, 70% of Americans will need some form of long-term care during their lifetime. But most people never plan for… Read More »

What Women Need To Know About Financial Planning And Divorce

By Kim Segal, CFP® Divorce is not easy for anyone, but women are particularly vulnerable to financial hardship after a divorce. The reasons why divorce affects women differently abound, but financially, women are typically in a different position than their spouses. Women typically make less than their male counterparts for starters, meaning they stand to… Read More »

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By Kim Segal, CFP® People choose their respective careers for many reasons, whether it’s potential for advancement, a desire to use their skills in a specific arena, or even income possibilities. But for me, it was all about helping others. I wanted a career that would allow me to add value to people’s lives and… Read More »